Ethereal Spark

Creativity for hire!

Professional Creative Consultant! Just rolls of the tongue, doesn't it?! :)

You need an idea?! Well, here's an idea: write to me and I'll help you with it!
  • Birthday present?! Sure thing.
  • Valentine's Day?! Not a problem.
  • Whatever the occasion, I got your back :)

How it works

Let's say you want to get someone special a gift for whatever occasion (birthday, anniversary, graduation, etc.), but you can't find that perfect gift on any one of those millions "gift ideas" sites. Well that's where I come in. Hit me up with all the details you want to share down on that contact form and I will think it through and try to help you by replying with a couple of ideas.


Very simple: If you don't like the ideas I send you I give you your money back!!! (NO CONDITIONS APPLY)

Things I Can Do

I can help you with not just gifts, but all kinds of surprises and making of memorable moments... I can give you ideas on:

  • Material gifts (99.9% of the ideas are purchasable online)
  • Proposals (When, Where & How)
  • Parties (Themes, Props, etc)
  • DIY gifts (Materials and Instructions)
  • Random surprises
  • The little things in life

A Few Testimonies

Here, read what my friends and/or happy customers have to say about me.

Angel (brother by gaming)

One of Klinec's defining characteristics is his creativity. I've known him for 13 years and he has always given me new and fresh ideas. He has unique view on the world, so if you're stuck with some problem or need an advice, he's the guy to go to. :)

Antonio (aka DJ ATN)

I must say that this website has Darko written all over it. He is that friend that always has the best, silliest and most unique ideas. The most recent one: MY BACHELOR PARTY! As my best man, he organized everything to perfection, surprising us all the time and left us with our mouths open!

Mile (Beer connoisseur)

Well, I don't really know how to complement this guy enough... He always has the greatest ideas for whatever you need. He is quick to think of a bright and interesing way to make your day worth remembering. Be it a birthday, proposing to your significant other or really just pranking your friends, he's the person to contact.

Get your ideas now! Only 10$USD!

For just 10$ I will do my best to give you several ideas that you can realise in no time. Remember, the best thing about all this is that if you don't like the ideas for whatever reason, I will give you a FULL refund on the spot. Simple as that.